Le Première Post

“Hey….I think I’ll start a blog.” 

You told your friend

“What’s it going to be about” 

She replied 

“Uuuh….I was thinking a lifestyle blog about clothes, fashion and hair but then I don’t think I’ll be that excited to keep up with trends.”

“What about a Christian blog. I haven’t seen those a lot and expressing your faith will be good for your personal growth and help you fellowship with a larger community”  

She suggested 

You shift your gaze, deep in thought, you take a seat and contemplate on her idea. 

“It can work” 

You tell yourself

“A very informative blog about my faith and life as a Christian in the 21st century…talk about temptations, regrets, love and sacrifice and many other struggles and joys of the Life of a Christian. Wonderful idea”

So you begin to work on the layout of the page….look for WordPress themes that will express yourself best. You name the blog, giving a catchy ring to it. You google ideas on how to build a successful blog and you even ask some of your other friends if they’d be interested in your work. You are almost assured of a success. 

Totally excited for this new chapter…

Days pass and life (reality) gets busier and more overwhelming as the demons of procrastination slowly but surely gain comfort inside your head and months pass without typing a single word.

One night… as you rest on your bed…awkwardly staring at the ceiling, remembering things you should have forgotten, you pick your phone and write the feels away. 

The clarity of life dawns on you that night and you remember you are actually a creative writer.

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