How Many Would You Take? 

Most nights on your bed you would lay, staring at the ceiling. Deep in thought. Deep in memory. 

You were never one of those people who just closed their eyes and sleep would engulf them. You were special, you had to put your self to sleep.

Challenging? Of course. The constant pressure to have postive thoughts was tiring but you loved the opportunity for you could find your wings, fly away and set the tempo for even more beautiful dreams.

I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous

This night the struggle’s too much… It’s been hours and sleep still feels like an eternity away. 

So, you put on your earphones and from your phone you play a song on repeat. At volume 03 you intend to listen not just hear. Try to pay attention to the words… and see if they will resonate with you and slowly ease your mind to rest.

It’s all about love. It’s always about love. God’s love for us initially then we reciprocate it to the love we show to our family, friends and neighbours.

But, what of this complicated love sang about in almost every song. This love that moves people to leave their families and go build another with their partner. This love that carries with it trust, loyalty, respect, jealousy, anger, patience, compassion, forgivness and pain.

This love that we all crave for…..

Under the moonlight, under your moonlit gaze

I know that I’d take one million bullets babe

Yeah, one million bullets could come my way

But I want you to know that I’d take a million babe

How many would you take?



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